August 8, 2017

RPGaDay Question #8

Question #8: What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2 hours or less?

Honestly, this was tougher for me to answer than you'd think.

To be honest, it's only rarely that I play sessions that fall under 2 hours, and those have usually been sessions that were part of a larger campaign that had to be cut short for various real life concerns, most notably the Skype group I'm in, often due to players being stuck at work or having to bow out early due to illness, allergies, or work-related exhaustion.  To be fair, I've been guilty of all three, so I'm not judging the other players, not by any stretch.

Still, if I knew that I only had a couple hours to play, I think I'd most likely lean towards FATE Accelerated, as building a character is very quick and game play is equally fast.  I generally stick to meatier RPGs, though I'm sure Chris "GM Chris" Witt of the Order 66 podcast has a number of fast-play RPGs that would fit the bill.

Yeah, a short post, but compared to the behemoth that was yesterday's answer, it's a fits the day's question that this one is over so quickly.

I will have a suitably meatier answer for tomorrow's question though.

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