August 24, 2017

RPGaDay Question #24

Question #24: Share a PWYW publisher who should be charging more.

Easy answer for me, that being Evil Hat Productions.  They've got a plethora of Pay-What-You-Will products up on DriveThruRPG that either supplement or expand upon their excellent FATE Core and Fate Accelerated Edition RPGs, with suggested prices generally being one or two dollars.

Now admittedly I've not picked up a lot of these, as I've managed to cut down on buying RPG materials that I'm not likely to get much use out of, but the few I've grabbed have been well put-together and are a bargain for the suggested prices.

Well, hopefully you don't feel short-changed by the brevity of today's answer, though fair warning tomorrow's answer probably isn't going to be a long one either.  But thanks for following along this far, and I hope you'll stick around for tomorrow's answer as well.

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