August 4, 2017

RPGaDay - Question #4

Question #4:Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

So I sat down and thought about it, and the answer to my initial surprise was WotC's Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Largely, my Skype group has been playing our way through a modified/abbreviated version of the Curse of Strahd module, something I had suggested as one of our usual players would be out of the country on a religious missionary trip, with said player generally not being a fan of horror-themed settings.

Now, to be honest, while there have been some very creepy elements, I think this campaign has just reinforced my view that doing true horror in D&D borders on being a Herculean task, as the PCs very quickly become superheroes, especially if the bulk of your group is comprised of spellcasters of some type or another, especially if half of them have easy access to radiant damage, such as a Paladin or a Cleric.  And if you're playing over Skype, it's even more difficult as the players are probably going to be in a comfy chair in the solace of their home, with the lights on and tasty snacks on hand.

Still, it's been a fun campaign thus far, and there's definitely some twists that our GM Eric has included so that even for veterans of the earlier Ravenloft modules (such as myself, having played the 2e and most of the 3e versions) makes the adventure feel fresh and original.  Seriously, the guy doesn't give himself enough credit for the work he's done with Curse of Strahd.

As for Question #5, that's a bit of a tough one...

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