August 10, 2017

RPGaDay Question #10

(You know, after ten of these posts, I'm wondering if I still need to keep including that image with the list of questions...)

So, Question #10: Where do you go for RPG reviews?

In this day and age, my first place is the internet.  I follow a number of different RPG publishing companies and game sites on Facebook, so if I see something pop up on my feed that draws my interest, I'll click the link and check it out.  I don't have any one site in particular that I go to, as I think they've all got their merits.

I also tend to use Google to do searches for fan-operated blogs to see what folks that aren't directly affiliated with an RPG have to say about it.  Often times, I can get a decent feel for if a particular RPG is for me or not simply by seeing what other folks have to say about it on a site that's not subject to needing hits/traffic or keeping in the good graces of a parent company.

Well, that was a fairly quick answer.  Tune in tomorrow for #11 and see which ghosts of gaming past I'd like to see make a return.

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