August 19, 2017

RPGaDay Question #19

Question #19: Which RPG features the best writing?

Okay, that's a tough one.  I've played a lot of RPGs that have solid writing, both in terms of explaining the rules but also giving a feel for the setting.

But after some lengthy pondering, the one RPG I keep coming back to is Deadlands Classic.  The text throughout the line was heavily seasoned with Old/Wild West flavor, be it in explaining the rules to given examples of hombres doing various things, such as the quite popular Harrowed gunslinger hero Ronan Lynch and his various misadventures.  It really got the reader into the mindset of the genre, especially the instances of gallows humor when discussing some of the creepier aspects of the setting, in particular the horrors that served as antagonists to the posse.

A close runner-up would be WEG's Star Wars d6 Revised and Expanded core rulebook, with them making use of in-setting characters such as smuggler Platt O'Keefe, bounty hunter Tirog, and Imperial Customs officer Jex Lerrian, amidst others to explain the rules, with a number of little sidebars done in-character to explain something in further detail, including a few instances of some of the characters bickering with each other.

Alright, that's #19 in the books.  Come back tomorrow for my answer to #20 as RPGaDay 2017 continues.

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