August 6, 2017

RPGaDay Question #6

Question #6: You can game every day for a week.  Describe what you'd do!

Well this is kind of an interesting one.

Gaming wise, it'd probably be playing RPGs, as that's my preferred form of gaming these days.  Though I might sneak in some time with a Zelda title, probably Link to the Past, Link Between Worlds, or Twilight Princess.

As for which RPGs I'd play, I wouldn't want to necessarily play the same one all week.  So here's the run down in general order of preference.

Top of the list would be Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPG, as I've yet to truly have a bad session with that system.

Runner-up would be John Wick Productions' 7th Seas 2nd edition, as I very much enjoy the swashbuckling feel of the system and how it empowers the players to have their Heroes be larger than life.  Even when they're fresh out of the gate, a Hero in 7th Sea 2e can accomplish some pretty cool things, a feat that a lot of other RPGs tend to struggle with when it comes to newly created characters.  I had an absolute blast while playing Estevan Santiago de Montoya del Castillo during a friend's adaptation of the Erebus Cross adventure series, getting into a number of fun sword fights and charming a number of ladies, even managing to win the heart of an otherwise standoffish Vodacce strega after not only defending her honor but giving her the space to make her own decisions (something that she wasn't used to given how Vodacce society places a lot of controls on those noble women with the gift/curse of Sorte).

There is of course Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition, which I have also very much enjoyed, especially when playing the Extraordinary Spider-Man, a PC that is a shameless homage to the well-known Marvel hero but with enough twists in his origin story (for instance, both his aunt and uncle are alive!) to make him not a complete carbon-copy of the original wise-cracking webhead.  Even if my propensity for rolling absurdly well on rolls tends to leave our poor GM Eric on the verge of tears.

Also, there's two FATE related games I'd like to try out, especially as a player, those being Dresden Files Accelerated and Tianxia.  I've been a fan of the Dresden Files series pretty much since I listened to the audiobook version of Storm Front, and while I've had a few chances to play around in that setting courtesy of Evil Hat's original Dresden Files RPG, I think the FATE Accelerated version would run a lot smoother and without nearly as many little hiccups as the original DFRPG had.

As for Tianxia, it's wuxia-themed martial arts that can be as light-hearted and silly or as dour and serious as the group desires, though the default setting does tend to lend itself a bit more to the former given the fantastical nature of the kung fu techniques.

Finally, I would at least like to try out Star Trek Adventures by Modiphus Entertainment.  Now to be honest, I've not had a chance to actually play this, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun.  I find it kind of cool that the game actually lends itself to an episodic style of play, which makes sense as the primary source material was itself episodic in nature.

So, that'd be my week of solid gaming, if the option presented itself.

Tomorrow's question isn't going to take me nearly as much thought as it might for others, since the answer to that one may have occurred years ago, but it still stays with me to this day, for reasons I'll describe in my next entry.

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