August 5, 2017

RPGaDay - Question #5

Question #5 - Which RPG cover best captures the spirit of the game?

I had to think about this quite a bit, given the wide breadth of RPGs that I've played over the years.

But the final decision had to come down to a classic, that being the image of the undead badass gunslinger Stone from the original Deadlands core rulebook.

The image tells you right out that this won't be your typical Wild West RPG with the cover by artist Gerald Brom being quite evocative that this is not an hombre you want to tussle with.

The runner-up for me would probably the original cover for Shadowrun, which showed a team of runners fending off a corp security team against a dark cityscape background.  Sums up the basics of what Shadowrun is pretty well, eh chummer?

Question #6 should be pretty interesting.  See you tomorrow for the answer to that one.

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