February 1, 2012

Actual People, Actual Play Podcast

I started listening to this podcast a couple days ago, pretty much focusing on their episodes pertaining to the Dresden Files RPG.

Have to say, it's been quite interesting to hear their take on various things in comparison to what I've experienced in playing in a Dresden Files game with my usual gaming group. Also a bit of a relief to see that our group wasn't alone in stumbling with various bits of the game, notably the declaration of scene aspects or fishing for NPC aspects. Having played a Wizard, I do agree that the spellcasting aspect of the game is a tad math-heavy up front, but then again I cheated a bit and devised all of my PC's "commonly used" spells up front, with a note as to which ones were rotes, so that when I wanted to sling a particular evocation or work a particular bit of thaumaturgy, I had most of the math figured out ahead of time and thus didn't slow up the game for anyone else.

Anyway, I do suggest giving the Actual People, Actual Play podcast a listen, as they do cover a number of games, with some of their more recent episodes focusing on Star Wars Saga Edition, a system that is quite near and dear to my heart.

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