February 27, 2012

Still Kick(start)in'

Been a few days since my last post. Not a whole lot going on gamingwise on a personal level, aside from hopefully picking back up with a Dresden Files campaign with one group and continued Star Wars Saga NJO action with a different group.

Of the two Kickstarter projects that I'm currently backing and have pimped previously, both have officially funded.

The first of these was for Edition Wars, which has now officially over-funded at just short of $7900 as of this post. So if you were hesitant before about pledging money on the chance this wouldn't go through, you've nothing to fear as Edition Wars will officially be going to print. Big round of applause for Chris and Dave for accomplishing this goal. Also, should they reach $8500 by the 29th (which seems quite likely at this rate), they will include an expansion of additional Gamer cards, which had been "opened up" due to the popularity of the $175 pledge option (which is entirely sold out0.

The other of these is the Mass Transit IV by mapmaker extraordinaire Christopher West, which is over the $5000 mark. While the initial goal was only $3000, Chris has taken a page out of Rich Burlew (he of the Order of the Stick with its insane fundraising total of over $1 million), with extra incentives offered if certain funding thresholds are met. The current bonus are a pair of custom d6s that look quite spiffy, and if he hits $6000 in the next 7 days, he'll do a physical copy of the Alien Starship tiles that can be selected as a pledge reward, which I'm definitely hoping for.

Edition Wars Kickstarter page

Mass Transit IV Kickstarter page

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