February 21, 2012

Dragon Age Set 3 Open Playtest - it's available!

For those of you familiar with the Dragon Age RPG, or simply curious after seeing some of my blogposts about it, Green Ronin have decided to follow the same strategy as they did for Set 2 of the RPG, and have put the Set 3 material out for open playtest.

I'm just skimming through it now, but there's a good chunk of neat stuff, including new backgrounds, some new talents, and quite a few new specializations, as well as rules for advancing from level 11 to level 20 (Set 1 only covered levels 1 thru 5, Set 2 covered 6 thru 10).

So if you like the Dragon Age RPG, this is well worth checking out. And if you have an active Dragon Age RPG group, make your voice heard and let Green Ronin know what you and your group thinks of the material so they can make any needed improvements.

Dragon Age RPG Set 3 Playtest

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