February 9, 2012

Edition Ways: Almost there, almost there...

A short while ago, I did a post regarding Edition Wars, the first game being offered by Gamer Nation Studios LLC aka the boys behind the D20 Radio Network.

Since the Kickstarter for this project launched on Monday, they have managed to raise over a third of the needed $7500 to fund this game. Not bad for less than a week's time being on Kickstarter.

And with an end date of March 15th, there's still plenty of time to make your donation. $18 is enough to ensure you get a copy of the game, while $25 nets you a special "Kickstarter" card that's exclusive to this drive. And the beauty of Kickstarter is that you don't need to have the money in hand until the funding date, so you've got time to save up if you're a bit strapped for cash (a feeling I know all too well).

So if you're a fan of "beer & pretzel" type card games ala Munchken, then by all means make a pledge to help make this game a reality.

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