February 7, 2012

End of a campaign? I certainly hope not!

Well, those of you that follow along here on the blog or on the D20 Radio Forums know that for the past year or so (give or take a few hiatuses) I've been running my own take on GM Chris' excellent Alternate Universe campaign, having started at a similar point but the campaigns diverging in various ways.

After what felt like too long of a wait, I ran the final session of Act 2 of my campaign. The heroes scored a major victory, but that victory came at a heavy cost, one that some of them likely won't be recovering from anytime soon. It also ended on a worrisome cliffhanger, more as a means to get them interested in playing Act 3 of the campaign.

Sadly, I had a majority request to put the entire campaign on hold, much to my dismay. It seems that 2/3rds of my group are feeling "burned out" on d20 games, even one as well-done as Star Wars Saga Edition, and in spite of the cliffhanger ending, didn't feel any great urge to keep going. As I've learned the hard way in the past, if you've got players that aren't "feeling it" so to speak, it's not worth your time or energy as a GM to run a game they can't really get into. I do sincerely hope this doesn't sound the death knell for my AltU campaign, though I've already made several revisions to pick up the pace and put them on track for a climactic battle with the fate of the galaxy at stake. Which to be fair was probably needed as in doing the revisions, I could see that things were starting to plod along; there was a fair amount of filler and padding that would have pushed the up to 15th level just before the final adventure, but this will also mean they'll only be 12th level if things go as scheduled. Then again, they were all 10th level for this past session, and they did quite well against a CL15 villain that had some CL 8 helpers to keep him from getting dog-piled.

So, time will tell. After all, as Delenn of Babylon 5 fame has been known to say, "Faith Manages."

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