February 14, 2012

Edition Wars - Half Way There & More Gamer Cards Available!

Just a quick update, but if you've not heard the word, the boys behind Order 66, Dave and Chris, have just opened up some additional slots at the $175 donation mark for the Kickstarter drive for their Edition Wars card game.

Why is this awesome? I'll let the description of the pledge level speak for itself:

Access as a backer on the forums, the game delivered to you, a limited edition Kickstarter Bonus Card, the Edition Wars Launch TShirt, a GENCON special edition card PLUS you get to be in the game! A gamer will be named after you, in your likeness! One of the gamer cards in the deck will show your charicature, special abilities and hometown. Add $18 per extra copy of the game you would like and $10 for International Shipping

You get a lot of nifty swag as well as getting your image into the game. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me. As of this post, there's 7 slots left, and the original 9 vanished pretty darn quickly. The fact that they are just under a week and a half in and are nearly at $4000 of their $7500 goal means this has a damn good chance of getting funded. And for those not aware of Kickstarter, the beauty of this is that the money isn't due until the end date of the funding drive (March 15th), and most importantly, if for some reason this doesn't reach the funding goal, you're not out any money. Even just the $18 pledge gets you a copy of the game, and for an additional $7 bucks you get a pretty cool card that's only available by participating in the Kickstarter.

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