January 31, 2012

Garren Mayne, Jedi Trainee

Last post, I made mention of "iconic character types," with that post detailing the seemingly obligatory Wookiee. This one is about one of the other leading iconic character archetypes in Star Wars, the Jedi.

Garren wasn't built to to be a "Force wizard" type of character; he's certainly capable of using the Force, but it's not the main thrust of his design. Instead, he's more of a duelist, being heavily reliant upon his lightsaber to dish out damage, though he does have what I've come to refer to as the "Jedi Basic Training set" of Force powers, those being Battle Strike, Force Slam, and Surge. He also doesn't have Skill Focus in Use the Force, which I found appropriate as Garren is still supposed to be a Jedi-in-training and not an "instant master of the Force" that you see perhaps a bit too often in the Star Wars EU (Zayne Carrick of the KOTOR comic series being a very welcome change from that mold). Also, I used a fairly common d20 house rule in that I simply let Dodge apply a +1 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense against all opponents (still baffles me why WotC never made that change in any d20 game they wrote).

Still, Garren didn't steal the show when I ran the NJO Traitor's Gambit, but at lot of that I think was simply due to the player not being a very outgoing personality, and more content to "go with the flow" rather than trying to steer the ship. Still, he did a pretty good job of acquitting himself, getting into a pitched one-on-one duel with one of the major baddies and pulling off an impressive victory thanks to a well-timed natural 20.

Garren Mayne, Jedi Trainee
Mini Used - Jedi Sith Hunter, Masters of the Force 04/40

Born and raised on a farming commune on a remote Mid Rim world, Garren never expected he’d be selected for training as a Jedi. While he’s not the most capable Force-user, he has proven to be a capable lightsaber duelist. However, with the Vong invasion, Garren has been forced into a more active role, something he’s not entirely comfortable with, especially as more and more people are forced to flee their homes.

The Three Questions
What Do You Love?
You’ve always had a fondness for smashball, and prior to being recruited for training as a Jedi, you’d hoped to make it as pro athlete. But at the very least, your passion for the sport has helped with the physical part of your training.

What Do You Hate?
You have no patience for bullies of any stripe, be it in the form of adolescent hoodlums to professional criminals. You’re quick to stand up to such creeps, even under those circumstances where a cooler head might prevail.

Why Are You Aboard the Zahn Pulsar?
You and your master were part of a Jedi contingent that were trying to help a large group of refugees make it safely to the Hapes Cluster. Sadly, your master didn’t make it, and as per his instructions, you’ve joined the other passengers of the refugee ship, with the intent of making your way back to the Order’s current base of operations once this batch of refugees have made it safely to their destination.

Garren Mayne (CL 2)
Medium Adult Male Human Jedi 2
Destiny 1; Force 6
Init +8; Senses Perception +8
Languages Basic, Bocce

Defenses Ref 16 (flat-footed 13), Fort 14, Will 15
hp 39; Second Wind 12hp; Threshold 14

Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +3 (1d4+2) or
Melee lightsaber +4 (2d8+4) or
Ranged by weapon +4
Base Atk +2; Grp +4
Force Powers (Use the Force +7) battle strike, Force slam, surge

Abilities Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Background Occupation - Labor
Talents Weapon Specialization (lightsaber)
Feats Dodge, Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Weapon Focus (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple weapons)
Skills Acrobatics +8, Climb +4, Endurance +4, Initiative +8, Jump +4, Perception +8, Use the Force +7
Possessions lightsaber, utility belt, casual clothes, 100 credits

Edit: Quick fix to note that Garren is a Jedi Trainee, not a Wookiee Mechanic :P

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