January 24, 2012

Some well wishes for a very nice young lady.

Not gaming related, but just want to take a moment to toss this out onto the ether.

Nateal, one of the co-hostess of the Geek Fatale, is a very charming and nice person that I got the chance to meet in person at GenCon last year as well as having the chance to play a few different board games and a round of the Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator (which was a blast to play).

Sadly, things have not been going as fantastic for her as they should be for someone so nice and sweet. I'll not spell them out here, but if you follow her, either on Twitter or Facebook, then you know the nasty details, however today seems to have been an all-time low. So Nateal, I'm just going to take a moment to offer a zen hug and a hope that things get better for you soon.

Edit: And I feel a bit like a twit for not having put a link up to the Geek Fatale website. It's now listed on my Favorite Links list. Honestly, if you've not given the Geek Fatale podcast a listen, do so. Speaking as a guy, it's a intriguing look into the mindset of the female geek, and is extremely entertaining to boot.


  1. That's very nice. I hope everyone things works out for her. That's one podcast that's on my list to try out when life gives me some time.

    1. Seriously, give these girls a listen. Being a guy, it's a very interesting look at the female geek mindset, and highly entertaining to boot.