December 29, 2011

Xmas goodies

On a happier note, Christmas has come and gone, and a good time was had, by me at the very least.

The day itself was nice, quiet, and quite relaxing, as I spent it alone and away from the hustle and bustle. Xmas Eve was spent up at my folks' for dinner, and while my yuletide haul wasn't the biggest, it was quite satisfying, including a couple Star Wars: Invasion collections from my good friend Linda and her family, some Star Wars and Harry Potter related goodies from my folks, and a most useful commodity in the form of hard cash, which given that I freely admit that I am a royal pain in the ass to shop for (mostly, if there's something I want, I go right out and buy it). I also finally got the chance to play a bit of Skyward Sword for my Wii (after dusting said console off), and am eager to actually log some serious play time this coming weekend.

I'm also toying with an RPG-related project, something that's purely unofficial, self-motivated, and not related to Star Wars. It's something that I'd been tinkering with on and off again for quite a while, but I'll say no more at the moment, other than it will likely be d20-based, but will draw from some non-d20 games as well. Dunno if anyone will really care, but it'll be something to keep my busy in what little downtime I'm likely to have in the coming months, especially if work history repeats itself from last year.

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