December 31, 2011

Prepping for New Year's Celebration, SW geek style

Just a quick little update.

I'm taking a brief break to run some errands, having spent a goodly chunk of last night and this morning getting everything printed and prepped for a New Year's Day session of Traitor's Gambit, set in the New Jedi Order era of play. If you've been listening to the Threat Detected podcast (and seriously, why haven't you if you've not been?), then you'll recall that I played in this under Garrett and Tony at GenCon 2011. I allowed myself to be coerced into running a Star Wars one-shot for a bunch of folks, some standing friends and established gamers, some new faces and gaming newbs. So I figured, given my recent exposure and growing interest in the NJO, I'd cheat a bit and run the module. Got the pre-gen PCs ready to go, have my NPCs typed up, and just need to get the necessary map tiles printed out.

Well, break over, lunch order just arrived (Chinese Take-Out, fah-ra-ra-ra), so a quick nosh and then back to work.

In any case, have yourselves a Happy New Year, filled with as much geeky goodness as you can handle, and then a little bit extra for good measure :)

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