December 29, 2011

And the saga continues...

Sadly, I don't mean Star Wars, either Saga Edition or the movie sagas.

After calling to pester my ISP's Customer Service department last week about where the equipment I had ordered was, it showed up on my doorstep yesterday. Thank you FedEx for just leaving it sitting out in the open.

Relieved that finally the gear I'd ordered a week and a half ago (and paid for priority shipping on no less) had arrived, I opened it up, figuring it would be an easy matter to hook everything up.

To quote Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns... WRONG!

It seems that said provider forgot to include the actual modem in the box, which according to the invoice they provided, should have been included. So, another call to Customer Service (which of course is in India), and after a half-hour or so, I now have a confirmation number and should (allegedly) have my purchased modem within the next 7 business days. Granted, given the sub-par service I've received so far, I'm not holding my breath as to if it'll show up "as soon as possible," and figure it'll be the middle of January if the precedent set continues.

Sorry for the grousing, but just needed to vent.

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