December 8, 2011

A couple minor tweaks and musings...

Playing around with the set-up of various things around here. Big change is opening up the comments to anyone whose interested in leaving a remark.

Thinking about doing summaries of the various Star Wars campaigns that I'm running and playing in at the moment, those being a Alt'verse campaign and a NJO campaign respectively. I've got threads over at the D20 Radio message boards detailing what's happened in both.

DMF's Take on the Alternate Universe Campaign thread
Tales of a NJO Jedi Apprentice

Last night was quite a hoot as we played what will (sadly) be the last session of our NJO campaign for the year, as the GM now has to deal with holiday work hours until the new year. But it was a long session (just over 5 hours) and was a blast in more ways than one. We got to meet who I figure is the BBEG of the campaign, at least if how handily he smacked down my Young Jedi Guardian is of any indication, as well as getting a pretty solid bead on where my character's Redemption Destiny is headed.

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  1. I envy you your gaming time. Open comments are a win. Though the captcha is annoying. Is there a setting to allow people to make free comments once they've had one approved? That's what I use on my blog. I have to go through and delete hundreds of spam comments, but they don't get posted, so its a small issue.