December 23, 2011

On the values of customer service, or lack thereof...

Well, I mentioned that I'd contacted my internet service provider and purchased a replacement modem from them, which I'd done a week ago, and even paid extra for 2nd shipping.

Well, nothing had showed up, so I call them yesterday, only to find that while there was a record of my purchase, nothing had been done to fulfill that order. So had I not called their customer service desk to find out what was going on, it's likely my purchase order would have been sitting around until the new year. And all the while, I'd be charged for interet service that I'm not able to access or make use of. So while the Customer Service Rep did say he was going to push the order through, that still leaves the fact that I had to call about it in the first place.

So for anyone that's been keeping tabs on this little blog of mine, that's a large reason why you've not seen many content-based updates. Hopefully that will change in a few days, but at this rate, I'm not holding my breath.

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