December 18, 2011

Tech issues and last-minute gaming sessions

Well, seems the modem/router I bought that should have worked with my internet service provider does not. So still don't have fully reliable internet access at the moment, which is aggravating.

On the plus side, Saturday was an unexpected gaming double-header, put together at almost the last possible minute, consisting of Star Wars Saga Edition and some more Dragon Age RPG.

SWSE was a "mini-adventure" for our NJO group, giving us a chance to do some amount of good during the Battle/Fall of Coruscant, such as rescuing civilians and innocent children, as well as getting involved in a few skirmishes here and there so if nothing else, we can say we were there.

Dragon Age saw us pick up our characters from the playthru of the Dalish Curse, with the addition of a Dwarf merc to give us a bit more fighting power. The adventure we played through was called "Secret of Eastvale," and I'll be honest in that I really didn't see the psuedo-twist as to who the real villain of the adventure was. Granted, the look on the GM's face when one of the other PCs reminded me of a plot trinket I had held onto from Dalish Curse was priceless, but it wasn't a game-breaker by far. Got a better feel for the AGE system as stuff wasn't entirely new, and I still like it for the simplicity of how things run, and got out of the MMO/4e mindset of "aggro control" that was a holdover from my recent play-thru (Human Noble Warrior) of Dragon Age: Origins, where my main focus was tanking like there was no tomorrow. The Threaten stunt certainly helps against the really nasty stuff, but then again so does simply dishing out lots of damage in one go.

Gaming wise, this was a good note to end the year on, and it helped improve my mood from the sourness of dead/unfunctioning modem issues.

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