December 6, 2011

Star Wars Fanartwork

Since my last post covered the Alternate Universe efforts of Sillof, I thought I might give a list of folks that I've come across that do Star Wars art of considerable quality.

Those of you on the D20 Radio message boards may not be fully aware of this, but Zrissa, aka Linda Whitson aka a very dear friend of mine, is a burgeoning 3d artist, using Daz Studio to create renditions of more than few Star Wars characters, including shots of some NPCs from my Alternate Universe campaign. You can find her at Renderosity under the handle of LadyDernyi, though she's got some regular photography stuff up there as well.

Another chap that does 3D Star Wars character models, this time in Carrara, is one Terras Jadeonar, or simply Jadenor should you opt to look him up on DeviantArt. Another fine chap that I've gotten a chance to speak with via IM and messageboards, and does some really nifty 3D poser art. He's also got a Renderosity account under the handle of Spacer_01. Again, if you're a D20 Radio board member, you might recognize his work in the form of the forum avatar of one Fulongamer.

Though she's moved on to Dragon Age, there is also Aimo, whose artwork is simply phenomenal, particularly her KOTOR pieces. She's taken commissions in the past, though I don't believe she is doing so currently. I could be wrong, so take a gander at her gallery and see for yourself.

Again on DeviantArt, you can find the works of JosephB222. Not only does he do some great Star Wars art, with the Sith Princess Ariel being amidst my personal faves of the lot, but he also freely offers up the linework to a number of his pieces for those interested in doing variant colors or even using the images for their own characters, provided you remember to give him due credit for the linework.

Yet more DeviantArt (noticing a trend here?), there's Turin-the-Forsaken. He seems to favor Jedi of a slightly darker bent, but there's a number of great pieces you could use for character inspiration.

DeviantArt in general can be damn handy, and not just for Star Wars. Type a theme in the search box, and see what comes up. Fair warning though, some of the results might be a bit too spicy for young eyes, but those tend to be flagged mature so minimal risk if you don't have a profile on DeviantArt. I've a friend I game with routinely that loves to just do random searches on DeviantArt when she's casting about for character ideas, often basing a character upon a particular image that strikes her fancy.

And lastly, there is the Star Wars Artists Guild, or SWAG for short. If you're ever stuck for an idea for a PC or NPC, just take a browse through this site. Odds are you'll find something that will spark the creative juices. They've also got a Forum section where you can submit requests. You might be able to ask a specific artist to do an image for you, but generally the artists tend to operate on "first one to volunteer," which might lead to some conflicts based on your idea and what the artist comes up with as the final result, and the turn-around may not be as fast as you might want, but consider that someone was willing to take the time to do your request for free.

Direct Gallery Links:
LadyDernyi's Renderosity Page
Terras' Renderosity Page
Terras' DeviantArt Page
Aimo's DeviantArt Page
JosephB222's DeviantArt Page
Turin-the-Forsaken's DeviantArt Page
SWAG Online website

Edit: Seems I misjudged what program ZRissa and Terras do their 3D artwork in. I've edited their entries to reflect the correct programs. Sorry 'bout that.

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