August 30, 2016

7th Sea Pre-Made Heroes - Rose Dorleen

And back again to Avalon we go for today's pre-made hero.

So one of the possible avenues for adventure in 7th Sea has always been exploring the ruins of the Syrenth, the precursor races of the setting that vanished long before the ascent of mankind.  While the first edition version of the setting added some very peculiar and sinister twists to the Syrenth, in second edition they've returned to being long-extinct races who've left a wide and odd assortment of treasures waiting to be found.  And there's many a wealthy noble that would pay a princely sum for unique baubles that can be shown off at the next social event they host.  And where there are rich nobles, there are going to be the adventurous types who will risk life and limb to recover those treasures in the hopes of becoming rich themselves in the process.

So without further preamble, I present a treasure-seeking adventurer that takes a few cues from a certain WW2 era adventuring archaeologist...

Rose Dorleen, Avalon Adventurer
Traits: Brawn 2, Finesse 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Panache 2
Backgrounds: Criminal, Explorer
Skills: Athletics 3, Convince 3, Empathy 2, Hide 2, Intimidate 1, Ride 1, Sailing 1, Scholarship 2, Theft 2, Weaponry 3
Advantages: Camaraderie, Linguist, Quick Reflexes (Athletics), Second Story Work, Streetwise, Team Player, Valiant Spirit
Arcana: Curious (Hubris), Willful (Virtue)
Starting Reputation: 0
Starting Wealth: 0
Secret Society: Explorer's Society
Personal Items: Smallsword, whip, sturdy traveling clothes, assorted trinkets from her many travels

Appearance: A reasonably pretty young woman in her mid-20's, with dark brown hair worn in a functional tail and hazel eyes.  Rose dresses for function rather than fashion, preferring hard-wearing clothes with plenty of pockets over the vain frippery worn by the nobility.

Background: Though born a peasant, Rose benefited greatly from growing up in a port city, learning to speak a bewildering number of languages as well as developing a thirst for adventure that was quite unbecoming of a peasant's daughter.  Several years ago, Rose struck out on her own to see the world.  She's gotten quite good at getting into places that she really shouldn't, and can handle herself quite well in a variety of situations.  While she's not been formally educated, Rose has picked up a smattering of information on a wide variety of topics; she's even picked up the basics of fencing as well as prowess with a whip during her many travels.

Notes: Yep, bit of a gender-flipped Indy, though she lacks Doctor Jones' formal education.  Not too unlike Sharktooth Conroy, she's got a decent variety in her skill list, enabling her to help get her through the dicey situations that an adventuresome young woman can often find herself in.  One interesting thing about Rose is that she can also make for an outstanding support thanks to her Advantages for those situations where she's not the best person to deal with a particular problem.  Though to be honest, I feel that the two times Rose has seen play thus far haven't really given her the opportunity to truly shine, which would be during some kind of spelunking adventure centered around delving into a Syrenth ruin.  Her high score in Convince might seem a bit odd, but it works for her as it makes her pretty good at negotiating prices with those who'd hire her.

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