June 9, 2014

Livin' on the edge, fightin' crime, spinnin' webs

Been a busy week since my last post.

I've got the fight between a rookie version of my Spider-Man character and a kook of a mad scientist pretty much typed up, but before I delve into that, I thought I'd post the stat blocks for the participants in this particularly fight.

And what better way to start than with the leading man of the "Tales of a Web-Slinging Hero" (which I hope I'll have time and inspiration to make a recurring thing), none other than....

PeterReillyCivies photo PeterReillyCivies_zps9fc0834c.jpg

Peter Reilly, Rookie Hero
Power Level: 10 (155pp)
Archetype:Totem (Arachnid)

Combat: Attack +12 (Unarmed +7), Attack +12 (Web Shooters +7); Initiative +12
Defenses: Dodge +12, Parry +12, Toughness +8, Fortitude +9, Willpower +7

Abilities: Strength 7; Stamina 7; Agility 8; Dexterity 4; Fighting 6; Intellect 5; Awareness 2; Presence 0
Advantages: Agile Feint, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 1, Improved Initiative, Move-By Action, Taunt
Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+14), Close Combat (Unarmed) 6 (+12), Deception 8 (+8), Expertise (Pop Culture) 1 (+6), Expertise (Science) 5 (+10), Insight 2 (+4), Investigation 1 (+6), Perception 4 (+6), Ranged Combat (Web Shooters) 8 (+12), Sleight of Hand 2 (+6), Stealth 2 (+10), Technology 5 (+10)
Equipment: Smartphone (2pts), costume (0pts), spider-tracers (Sense: Tracking 2; 2pts), backpack (1pt)

- Enhanced Metabolism: Regeneration 1; 1pp
- Spider-Movement: Leaping 2, Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling); 6pp
- Spider-Senses: Enhanced Advantages 1 (Improved Initiative; Flaw: Permanent), Senses 2 (Danger Sense [Mental], Ranged Tactile); 3pp
- Web Shooters (removable array): Web Snare [Ranged Cumulative Affliction 7, Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage; Dazed & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Physically Stunned), AE: Web Slinging [Damaging Move Object 7]; Web Swinging [Movement 1 (Swinging), Extra: Linked to Speed 1]; 20pp

- Responsibility (Motivation): For Peter, it comes as part of having great power.
- Relationship: His Aunt Martha and Uncle Jay are by far the two most influential and important people in Peter's life, having raised him in the wake of his parents' tragic death.
- Secret Identity: Peter B. Reilly, high school senior and ASTRO Labs intern.

Abilities 80 + Defenses 16 + Advantages 4 + Skills 25 (50 ranks) + Powers 30 = 155

Spider-Man photo Spider-Manbyexhi_the_nobody_zpsfc14bcb9.jpg
(image by exhi_the_nobody)

Summary: While I probably could have trimmed this version of Peter down to a 150 power points, I chose not to.  Although if someone wanted, points could probably be freed up by reducing his Intellect and lowering a few of his skill ranks.  He is a point under his offensive caps though, which for me was more of a personal nod to his initial PL 11/165pp version in Ogehn's Emerald City Knights campaign where Spidey was also under his caps (mostly as I wasn't sure how much of an offensive and defensive trade-off I wanted him to have).  Much like the comic book character, Peter is something of a jack-of-all-trades; there are heroes that are stronger, heroes that are faster, heroes that are smarter, and heroes with a lot more social aptitude, but he's got enough of those bases covered that he can be useful in a lot of different situations.

Looking at his Move Object power, I could have quite easily saved some points by exchanging the Damaging extra for Throwing Mastery, since the crux of the power when used as an attack is "grab something and hurl it at the bad guy" but I wanted him to have the option of using that power as a direct attack, such as slamming a bad guy into the ground or a wall.  The physically stunned portion of his Affliction power is a semi-limited version of the stunned condition, limiting the target from taking any physical actions but still able to do anything that doesn't require movement.  The Snare power (which was the initial basis) has the second degree effect of immobile, which only stops the target from moving from their current location.  That works fine for Batman's bolas, but it doesn't really mesh with what we see Spider-Man's webbing do to foes, particularly the two-bit street hoods that he runs across during his regular patrols.

And as an added little bonus...

Elizabeth "Liz" Allen, Regular Girl-Next-Door
Power Level: 1 (38pp)
Archetype: High School Student

Combat: Attack +1 (Unarmed +0); Initiative +1
Defenses: Dodge +2, Parry +2, Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Willpower +2

Abilities: Strength 0; Stamina 0; Agility 1; Dexterity 1; Fighting 1; Intellect 3; Awareness 2; Presence 3
Advantages: Equipment, Fascinate (Persuasion)
Skills: Deception 2 (+5), Expertise (Pop Culture) 3 (+6), Expertise (Current Events) 3 (+6), Expertise (Sociology) 3 (+6), Expertise (Student) 3 (+6), Insight 3 (+5), Persuasion 5 (+8), Technology 2 (+5)
Equipment: Smartphone (2pts), backpack (1pt); 2pts unspent


- Relationship: Liz has a number of friends, but Peter is probably one of her best friends.  Even if he has gotten a bit weirder than usual lately...

Abilities 22 + Defenses 2 + Advantages 2 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Powers 0 = 38

Summary: The last place that Liz should be is in the middle of the action; she really is just a regular girl in a city with a growing population of super-powered beings.  Liz is really more charming than pretty, and thus no Attractive advantage but a solid Presence score instead.  Technically she's a better student than Peter with her ranks in Expertise (Student) but he cheats by virtue of his higher Intellect and Eidetic Memory advantage.

Next up, the antagonist and his posse...

Edit: Added images of Peter in both his "civvies" and his costume.  Haven't found the right image for Liz, though I kinda pictured her as resembling Allison Mack circa early seasons of Smallville.

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