July 10, 2012

And now... our heroes

Not calling this part three of my series of posts regarding the 4th of July game I ran of Deadlands using the Savage Worlds rules.  Well, mostly using the Savage Worlds rules; I'd kept things fairly simple in terms of "expanded actions" and revamped the way skill checks worked.

Bear in mind that each character was made using the optional "card system" that I linked to a few posts back, with the hand being a King, a Jack, a 10, a pair of 7's, and a 6, so don't be surprised if these pre-gens don't add up right according to the official method of character creation in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book.

So enough of my yappin', and on to the heroes of our tale, as well as couple other pre-gens that I put together after the fact.  But rather than post each of them individually, I compiled them onto a no-frills PDF, which can be found at the link below:

Dono's Deadlands: Reloaded Posse Pregens

I also included a brief synopsis of each character, particularly where I think their strong points in a group would be.

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