July 25, 2012

A change in objective and pace

First, a fair warning in that you might not be seeing this blog be updated quite as often in the months to come.

However, this won't be entirely due to lack of interest on my part.  Rather, this will be due to the creation of the Gaming Security Agency blog, or GSA for short.  The brainchild of one Brian "Fiddleback" Casey, a longtime member of the d20 Radio Network and the Gamer Nation, the GSA is a collection of gamers, referred to as "Agents," who have gathered together from the four corners of the universe to put their prowess as geek savants to use in helping others build upon and improve their gaming experience, table-top or otherwise.  It includes such folks as Chris "GM Chris" Witt, verbose co-host of the Order 66 podcast, Garrett "barefoottourguide" Crowe of the Threat Detected SWSE live-play podcast, established author and gamer Wayne Basta, plus Nateal "Kaylylia/HotPinkJoystick" Erickson, chipper gamer geek fatale and her sagely husband Ben "Cyril" Erickson, and many others.

Having signed on as Agent #94, a fair chunk of the stuff that I'd be posting here will probably end up being posted over at the GSA instead.  Although it's only been around for a few days, there's already a good number of articles up on the site, so click the link below and check them out.  You won't be sorry that you did.


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