June 2, 2012

The funniest table reading of Star Wars in history of history

It's been on YouTube for a while now, but I still think this is freaking hilarious.


It's close to an hour and a half, so make sure you've got some time before you sit down to watch this.  But it's quite simply worth it.

The set-up is simple: Get a bunch of talented voice actors together and have them read scenes from Star Wars, using various animated character voices and impressions for different characters.  A lot of the humor comes from how at-odds the voices are to the characters, with examples such as Bubbles reading for Darth Vader, Rodney Dangerfield as Luke, Ozzy Ozborne and Bill Cosby for R2-D2, Pinky and Bender as Stormtroopers, or Porky Pig as Obi-Wan Kenobi, while various ad-libs only add to the fun.

So wait are you waiting for?  Click the link, sit back, and have a few laughs already.

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