September 4, 2015

The Force is with them (Force and Destiny Pre-Gens)

Happy Force Friday!

In honor of the event, I thought I'd post up a collection of pre-gen characters for use with Fantasy Flight Game's Force and Destiny, the third of the core rulebooks for their excellent Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

Each of these five would-be heroes was built using the rules for starting characters as outlined in Chapter 2, and each have something to contribute to the group in one form or another.   They were also built without a specific group resource in mind, allowing groups to pick the resource that best fits their interests.

Also, rather than just post a bunch of stat blocks, I've opted to simply collect these five characters in a single zip file, each loaded onto a two-page character sheet that I originally found over on the FFG forums during the EotE Beta and have sense extensively modified to account for various changes along the way.

Here's a quick summary of each of character:

Aayla Bondura, Twi'lek Sentinel
A street rat native to the seedy streets of Nar Shaddaa, Aayla is quick-witted and quite adept at getting into places others don't want her in.  She's no stranger to larceny of any stripe, though her many of her past thefts were driven by a need to survive than to hoard material wealth.  Her most valued possession is one that she lifted from an unsuspecting traveler, who had a secret that upon being revealed lead Aayla to rethink the course of her life and maybe see if she can be a better person than she was.

Loh Plund, Kel Dor Consular
While the Jedi are all but extinct, other Force traditions with equally long histories continue to exist beneath the Empire's notice.  Loh Plund is a student of the Baron Do Sages, having learned much of the Force, both the lore surrounding its many mysteries as well as a variety of Force powers.  Although there is still much for him to learn, Loh has left his studies to pursue a Force vision that he believes will guide him to his true destiny.

Oshaka Avros, Togruta Mystic
Strong-willed yet well-spoken, regal yet approachable, Oshaka is a natural speaker and a voice of reason.  At one time she hoped to become a leader among the people of her homeworld, but an altercation with an Imperial officer has required her to leave her old life behind.  She is an outspoken proponent of tolerance and equality, preferring peaceful solutions to violence, but that doesn't mean Oshaka will simply cower when threatened.

Tyron Roke, Human Warrior
A young man with strong views on right and wrong that are possibly as naive as they are noble, Tyron is determined to live up to the example set by the Jedi Knights of old, when they were defenders of peace and justice.  Though he only has the barest of training in the Jedi arts, Tyron is determined to use what abilities he has to stand against tyranny and oppression.

Zur Bukk, Zabrak Guardian
Tatooine tends to bred two types of people, those shifty enough to do whatever it takes to survive and those hardy enough to survive whatever the galaxy throws at them.  Zur is definitely one of the later, his rough upbringing and combat prowess making him sturdy enough to weather any storm.  Though he's left his homeworld behind him, Zur still acts as a protector to those in need.

Force and Destiny Pre-Gen Character Sheets

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  1. For those that might be wondering, Tyron was built using the Shii-Cho Knight specialization as presented in the Force and Destiny core rulebook. Although if the GM approves it, the player could just as easily make use of the alternate Shii-Cho Knight specialization that I've posted on this blog.