June 30, 2015


Well, in keeping with the prior post being about Star Wars Rebels, here's a little something that I'd originally planned for an update of the Unofficial Species Menagerie.  But with that particular project having become defunct due to both myself and Ben being too busy with other things, I figure I'll post said update here.  So without further blathering...

The Lasat

Starting Characteristics
Brawn 3
Agility 2
Intellect 2
Willpower 3
Presence 1 

Wound Threshold: 12 + Brawn
Strain Threshold: 9 + Willpower
Starting XP: 90
Species Abilities: Lasat begin with one free rank in Athletics and Brawl.  They still may not train Athletics and Brawl above Rank 2 during character creation.

So yeah, these guys are very tough, and stubborn to boot.  Brawn and Willpower of 3 to start makes them solid combatants at 15 wound threshold and 12 strain threshold even without any increases.  But their low Cunning can be a liability, which I think fits what we see of Zeb in SW Rebels.  I considered setting their Intellect at 1, but nothing we've seen of Zeb really indicates that the Lasat as a species are particularly dim-witted.  Still, they're definitely a warrior species, and would do quite well in the Hired Gun and Soldier careers.

As an added bonus, here's my take on Zeb's signature weapon...

AB-75 Bo-Rifle
Skill: Ranged: Heavy (rifle configuration) or Melee (staff configuration)
Damage: 9 (rifle configuration) or Brawn+3 (staff configuration)
Critical: 3
Range: Medium (rifle configuration) or Engaged (staff configuration)
Cost/Rarity: 2500 credits/8
Encumbrance: 6
Hard Points: 2
Special: Cumbersome 3, Dual Mode, Linked 1 (staff configuration), Stun Setting, Unwieldy 3

New Weapon Quality: Dual Mode
A weapon with this quality has two separate configurations.  A character can spend a maneuver to convert the weapon from its current configuration to the other configuration.

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  1. Very Good.
    Also, IIRC, Dave Filoni, way back before Season One, described Zeb as being well-educated as an Honor Guard. I haven't seen much evidence in the show, however :)