May 26, 2014

Savage Worlds Kickstarter - East Texas University

Wow, two posts in one day?  What gives?

Well, I've been kinda remiss in mentioning a Kickstarter that I backed several days ago.  Those who know me know that I've been a long-time of Deadlands, back from the Classic version through Hell on Earth up to Deadlands Reloaded and Deadlands Noir.

The fine folks at Pinnacle are at it again, this time with a Kickstarter for East Texas University, a horror-themed setting for Savage Worlds.  I'll let them do the explaining...

Now what's interesting about this Kickstarter is that the backer rewards are driven not by dollars pledged, but by the number of folks who've pledged.  The product has long since funded (having reached nearly five times the goal as of this post), and it certainly looks to be a fun setting to use either for one-shot adventures, an extended campaign, or perhaps even as a resource for a Deadlands adventure in a more modern setting.  And since it's all Savage Worlds, it wouldn't take much work on the GM's part to incorporate elements from Deadlands (particularly DL:Noir) into an ETU game to give an extra helping of weird.

$20 gets you a PDF of the core rulebook plus the digital rewards (currently unlocked are the soundtrack and a collection of ready-to-play archetypes), and an extra $15 on top of that also nets you the Plot Point Campaign book, giving the GM a ready-made series of adventures that should keep your group going for a good long while if their prior Plot Point Campaigns are anything to go by.

Me?  I'm pledged at the Masters level.  One of the things I regretted with the Deadlands: Noir Kickstarter was that I wasn't able to pledge enough to get physical copies of the books, a mistake that I'm not making this time around.  I will admit that the dice and maps are also tempting, but we'll see how things go in terms of my personal finances (GenCon is on the horizon after all).

So if you enjoy horror-themed games, check this one out.  It looks to be a real killer.

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