September 7, 2013

A Collective Bout of Creative Craziness...

Just a quick update (something I'd promised myself I'd do more often).

Last night, we finally got characters set and ready for a Friday Night Skype game, this one being Evil Hat's FATE-based Dresden Files RPG.  Why was last night such a milestone you might ask?  Because that's when we tackled Phase 4 and Phase 5 of creating one's background aspects.

I kinda feel for our GM, Eric aka oghen, as there were points where it was very much like herding cats in trying to keep everyone on the same page as we bounced ideas for how each character interacted with another character's Phase 3 background aspect.  But he did a pretty good job of keeping a handle on things, and it was a lot of fun to discuss and suggest various ideas.

I must say, the early signs are showing this to be an interesting group, as we've got four players and most of the bases covered.

Dedicated wizard?  Check (though he's more of an apprentice really)
Divinely inspired/empowered channeller?  Check
Vanilla mortal? Check (though nowhere near as badass as Murph, but then who is?)

And me?  I'm playing a member of the Alphas, Chicago's very own resident pack of collegiate werewolves.  Though the game is set a fair distance away from Chicago, it's set to involve the early stages of the Paranet, which gives a reason for my character to have roamed so far from the Windy City and the rest of the pack.  Though I also entertain the personal idea that he tried to score with Andi (the very buxom redhead member of the Alphas that's been named in the Dresden Files series), moving away after a very harsh crash & burn; maybe Andi was still going through her "sexy" phase (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World film reference; check it out, it's an enjoyable decent movie in spite of Micheal Cera's rather lackluster performance).

Given the only other character I've really played in this game was himself a White Council Wizard (and was rightly called Dresden Lite), playing a non-caster in this game will be different, and a new experience.  What is interesting is how shape-shifting in this game works, namely in that it not only lets my college graduate werewolf access other supernatural powers, but it also lets me completely reshuffle his skill tree, making so that his human self is both smart and a capable investigator, but his fuzzy self is a nasty customer when things get violent.

Note to character: loose shirt, loose-ish pants, easy-to-slip off shoes, and going commando when you're expecting there to be trouble.  Going from one of Billy Borden's comments in the "Your Story" DF rulebook, getting your tighty-whiteys all tangled up when trying to shift into wolf-form doesn't sound like a fun experience.  Sadly, the Rite of Pants isn't an option (very old Werewolf: The Apocalypse joke).

I'm debating about doing a Heroes on Demand entry for Lucas (my investigator werewolf), much as I did with Danny Copperfield, the Young Wizard that I mentioned previously.

We're set to actually have our first session in a couple of weeks, and I must say that I'm looking forward to it.

And the Star Wars EotE Skype campaign has finally gotten rolling, with our next session being tomorrow night.  Valin is a fun character to play, as he's not a combat-heavy character and nothing about him really screams "leading man" material.  Yeah, he's Force-Sensitive, and the GM is letting me use the Jedi Initiate specialization, but Valin's Force-stuff right now is at the very minor level, so he won't be doing any spotlight hogging for a very, very, very long time, especially with the rather eclectic cast of characters that comprises the rest of the group.

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