May 25, 2013

Ways of the Force v1.02

Judging by the number of page hits since it's debut on May the Fourth, it would indeed seem that my Ways of the Force fan supplement for Fantasy Flight Games' upcoming Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG is quite popular.

I've also gotten some really good feedback on both the d20 Radio Network and FFG EotE forums, which has in turn lead to a few corrections and some revisions to the supplement.  There were a few things that looked really good on paper that didn't quite stand up to scrutiny on the gaming table, with Deflect Blasters being far more cumbersome than I was hoping and the new Healing power being too good as just a couple of prime examples.

Ways of the Force v1.02

I won't bore you with the details (at least not this time around), so here's the highlight reel:

- Deflect Blasters is now a competitive check.

- Lightsaber Defense now works within the mechanics for Defense.

- Dark Side's Embrace has been replaced with a more useful entry.

- A narrative-based set of guidelines for determining if a Force-user has fallen to the dark side.

- Jedi Initiate specialization has had several talents shuffled around.

- The Healing power has been toned down in its effectiveness.

- The Injure basic power has been revised and the power tree reworked.

- Search Your Feelings minor power now provides a tangible use for additional LS points.

As mentioned above and in my prior post, the feedback I've received so far has been both positive and informative, so I'm curious to see what sort of reception these changes get.  Hopefully I've solved several issues without creating too many new ones in their place, but we'll just have to see.

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