March 15, 2013

Disney Vacation, the wrap-up

Okay, for some reason the post I was working about my Disney trip last week ended up posting, even though I thought I had only told the site to save the draft.  So if it looks a bit cut off, that's probably why.

Well, as I alluded to in the earlier post, things went downhill on the last day of the stay.  Issue one was that mother and I were planning on trekking down to Downtown Disney for a couple hours, mostly to do some last-minute picture taking, particularly of the displays in and around the LEGO store.  Seriously, had I been six years old and walked into that place, I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven, especially as there were tables that kids could sit and build using the famous plastic bricks.  I don't think you get to keep anything you built, but it'd still would have been fun.

Sadly, the way that Disney had set-up the bus system for the All-Star Resorts, the one we were staying at was the last stop, and the bus to Downtown Disney kept filling up at earlier resorts, meaning we waited nearly an hour for a bus to finally show up.  And when it did, it was packed to the point the driver was having people stand in the middle aisle in two rows.  I could deal with it, but the problem was that my mother, who is quite claustrophobic, couldn't, and she freaked due to three oversized lunkheads constantly bumping into her before the bus even started moving.  I made sure to give the bus driver a parting "nice going asshole" as I stepped off the bus for cramming us in like sardine cans.  When complaining about this incident, we learned that drivers were apparently not supposed to do that, but whether the driver was the one who made that call or somebody else did, I don't know and frankly don't care.

The other bus fiasco only narrowly avoided becoming a true fiasco by dint of us hopping an earlier bus to the airport as the driver was considerate enough to squeeze us onto his bus, having exactly two extra seats on the trip.  Now that bus left the hotel about a half-hour sooner than our scheduled bus, and we just made it to our gate to board the plane with 10 minutes to spare.  Granted, part of that reason was a group of teenage cheerleaders that I came to regard as the bimbo brigade.  Seriously, did nobody explain to them that when going through airport security you have to remove your shoes and you can't be carrying any metal or lotions in your pockets? I don't blame the TSA guy for sounding like he was ready to throttle some of those ditzy dimwits, given the sass he was getting from those girls.

However, had we stuck to the bus that we were supposed to have taken over... we would have missed our flight.  As this bus, like the Disney Transit buses, stops at multiple hotels, and in a woefully inefficient order that ends up taking twice as long as it probably should.  According to the Disney infomercial that plays as your leaving, they'll get you to the airport in plenty of time.  Two words on that. Bull. Shit.  Frankly, about the only two things Disney did right in this regard was ensure that our luggage was checked-in and on the plane without us having to tote it around, as well as print our boarding passes.  A shame that such a nice vacation had to go downhill on the last day.  My mom was livid enough that had this sort of shenanigans happened in the first couple days, she would have canceled the stay and taken the first available flight home.  And I might very well have gone along with her.  Apparently you really do get what you pay for, and Walt Disney World is one of those vacations that if you skimp out, you're gonna pay for it.  If I do go again, I'll pay the extra coin and stay and one of their nicer resorts (such as Saratoga Springs for instance, which was within walking distance of Downtown Disney and didn't have anywhere near the bus troubles that the All-Star Resorts did).

So overall, while it wasn't an ideal vacation, due to various warts, it was a generally enjoyable one, barring the final day.  But I think I'll just try to put that behind me and focus on the good stuff, like the food at the Epcot World Showcase, the Behind the Magic tour, and the various attractions.

Hopefully some point in the near future, I'll get the chance to go through the pictures I took.  I'm pretty sure I got some good ones (aside from the various bunny pics I tweeted for my friend Natael's sake, ranging from a Thumper plush to Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit).

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