February 22, 2013

Gearing up for more Edge of the Empire & Dragon Age

Well, last week was supposed to kick off the first installment of my running "Long Arm of the Hutt," but that got pushed back to this Saturday.

While it sucked being sidelined (migraines just suck in general), I've been able to use that extra time to consider what possible changes I'll need to make to account for how effective the characters my Saturday night gamers have proven themselves to be.  And that while my initial plan was to break the adventure into three separate sessions, I might just be able to split things up into four or five sessions, perhaps even with some interludes provided by the "H is for Heists" random chart from C. Steven Ross' Triumph & Despair blog.

On similar gaming news, I might get a chance to once again be playing Dragon Age.  As One Ring has petered out after a rather disastrous session and Dresden Files has wrapped (with our own take on the Avengers' shwarma scene, replacing shwarma for burgers at Five Guys'), that leaves an opening for another RPG, as I will only be running EotE once a month.  So, inspired by the recent episodes of Wil Wheaton's table-top and my own review of the game for the GSA, we'll be delving once more into Dragon Age.  The guy that ran it before has picked up Blood in Fereldan, giving him some more adventure plots for our group.  No telling if we'll be allowed to pick up our old characters (I kind of hope we can) or if we will be required to make brand new characters, although early indication is that the GM will allow some of the material from the Set 3 Playtest packet, even if the playtest period has long since ended.

So a good bit of gaming to look forward to on the horizon, including the Friday EotE game (which I'm currently waiting for the GM to show up online so we can get started) and the Sunday Saga Edition game I play in.

Triumph & Despair: H is for Heists

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