January 4, 2013

My Big List of Star Wars Saga Edition NPCs, now on GoogleDocs

Not much of an update, as nothing super-exciting been going on of late.

Saw the Hobbit on opening weekend, and enjoyed it quite a lot.  Which given how much I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, that was pretty much a given.

Like the title says, I've finally gotten off my duff and put my big ol' listing of NPCs for the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG up on GoogleDocs.  It can be downloaded here:


In Star Wars news though, I've been playing a fair amount of FFG's new Edge of the Empire system, having run the Beginner Box adventure for my Wednesday gaming group, who enjoyed it quite a bit.  Enough so that they're eager to play the follow-up adventure Long Arm of the Hutt, available as a free download off of FFG's website.

Recently finished the audiobook version of Jim Butcher's Cold Days, the latest installment of his Dresden File series.  As seems to be the case for poor Harry Dresden, victory in the end was bittersweet at best, but it was an enjoyable story, and I very much enjoyed having James Marsters back doing the narration.  Nothing against John Glover and his narration of Ghost Story, but James has these different characters down pat, giving each character their own voice that reflects their mannerisms and mindsets perfectly.

Not much else to say, other than I've been plugging away at various articles for the GSA (Gaming Security Agency) website, getting the first of my three Deadlands-based reviews up, this one for Deadlands: Reloaded, with Hell on Earth: Reloaded and Deadlands: Noir on their way.  Also been playing around with CthulhuTech, both in terms of writing a review (still not happy with what I've written so far, and I'm on the third attempt) and in maybe seeing about getting a mini-campaign together for it.

Oh, and Happy New Year.

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