September 21, 2012

Edge of The Empire - Unofficial Species Menagerie

As of this morning, a fun little project that I've been working on alongside fellow "unabashed tinker monkey" Ben Erickson, aka Cyril aka Agent 66 on the GSA, went live.

Exclusive to the GSA is a fan-produced document for FFG's Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta called the Unofficial Species Menagerie.

It was born of a pair of threads, one on the D20 Radio Forums and the other on FFG's own sub-forum dedicated to the Edge of the Empire Beta, lamenting the lack of species available at this stage of the game.  A few folks, particularly Ben and I, started coming up with our own conversions of various species.  As usual for me, I'd started putting my work together in a single word document to better keep track of, with the intent of eventually tossing it up on the web.  Ben suggested that maybe we ought to combine our efforts, and thus was born a compilation of 32 different species from not only the Rebellion Era but also some selections from the Prequel, KOTOR, and even the early New Republic eras.

And truthfully, this was a fun project to work on.  To be honest, a lot of the enjoyment I got out of working on Unknown Regions was the collaboration with other Star Wars RPG authors such as the amazingly prolific Sterling Hershey and sci-fi author Patrick Stutzman as well as lead designer Rodney Thompson; being able to bounce ideas off some very esteemed minds really helped the creative process for the portions I worked on.  Working with Ben as we bounced ideas about how to translate a species from their prior edition write-ups into Edge of the Empire had much the same feel.  He had a lot of good suggestions, both for the species he worked on and for how to improve upon the one's I'd written, and was receptive to my suggestions as well.

So if you haven't already, check out the article that I provided the link to above, and check out the fruits of our work.  I think the odds are good you'll find at least a couple of species that will tickle your creative processes.  And hey, we've got Squibs.  After all, who doesn't love the little fuzzy blue haggle-masters?

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