March 29, 2012

One Ring: A handy list of resources

Over on the Cubicle 7 Forums, Jon Hodgson was considerate enough to create a sticky thread with a plethora of resources for One Ring players and Loremasters.

TOR Resources Thread

Here's some of the highlights as I see them:

Online Character Generator
Made by forum-user Azrapse (and apparently with Cubicle 7's unspoken blessing), this pretty much has all that you need to make a character for The One Ring, including the option to get pretty detailed descriptions of just about everything. Granted, this may be in part to what I bore witness to back in the days of the Revised Core Rules for Star Wars d20 and that which is referred to as the "nameless blessing" (aka a character gen program that was really frikkin' awesome), in which the creator of said program was issued a cease & desist letter from WotC by way of LucasArts and their control over "electronic Star Wars media" (aka the reason why even when they were doing PDFs of their books WotC never put the Saga Edition books up for sale as PDFs), but it does seem surprising that the parent company doesn't mind that a healthy chunk of what's in the Adventurer's Book is pretty much up for grabs for anyone that wants it. Then again, there's next to nil about how the game works mechanically beyond character stats, so maybe it's a moot point. Anyway, great resource if an aspiring Loremaster with a handy internet connection needs to create a bunch of heroes on short notice.

Unofficial GM Screen
This time forum user Kaltharion steps up to provide a GM/Loremaster screen to be used until such time as the official one is released, or possibly even after depending on the individual GM's tastes. Seeing as how I'm not actively GM'ing TOR at the moment, I've not delved too deeply into this, but I know from many years of GM'ing that having a handy reference screen is great, especially when a viable index is lacking (much as I love The One Ring, the index is not the greatest, but at least it's there).

A Collection of Old Norse Names
The big thing with this thread, other than the plethora of Norse names, is further down in the thread, namely a post by a chap under the handle of jefferwin. In his post is this link: Names of Middle Earth. If you recall, our TOR group's GM provided a spiffy list of Middle Earth names for us to use. Here's that list ;)

There are some other neat finds on the Cubicle 7 forums, including a few stabs at adding a magic system to the game (neither of which I care for to be frank), unofficial "race stats" for Rangers of the North (presentation is awesome, overall looks pretty good), High Elves (pretty much a reskin of Mirkwood Elves with very few tweaks), and Riders of Rohan, amidst other odds and ends. So bop over and give things a look. Particularly as there's a thread discussing their release plans for the remainder of the year.

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